Best engines

Best 2.0l engines: – click on the HP number to see more engines rankings

110HP – Opel

110HP – VW Golf

130HP – Opel

136HP – Ford

140HP – Golf

143HP – Audi

145HP – Ford

160HP – Opel

160HP – Hyundai ix35

165HP – Hyundai Sonata/i40

168HP – Ford

170HP – Audi

180HP – Audi

180HP – Hyundai ix35

190HP – Opel

197HP – Ford

200HP – Ford

200HPVW Scirocco

210HPVolkswagen golf 6 GTI

211HP – Audi

220HP – Opel

220HP – Saab 95

250HP– Ford

250HP – Renault Megan RS, Clio R3

265HP – VW Scirocco R, Golf R

Best engines


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